10 with James

Today was beautiful! I had a relaxed leisurely bicycle ride out to UBC and put in a morning of work in the lab. Then, at noon, I went for a run with James. When he donated $10 he stipulated that the 10 km were to be run with him. We enjoyed a lovely jog through the forests that border UBC (Pacific Spirit Park). Today was also my dads birthday. He died this past winter. James and I talked a bit about him and shared some laughs. Also, I prattled on plenty with endless segues and divergent thought trains. I think he got more than he bargained for.

After our run I decided I should register for the Scotiabank Half Marathon so that I can actually participate in the run to end poverty. My name can now be found listed near the bottom at “Williams”.

If anyone else is feeling foolhardy enough to participate, they gave me a coupon code that will save you $5 at registration. Group ID Code: 8643.

Now I begin 100 km for Sean. It is my intention to complete that within 20 days. I declare: this hair farm can run.

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3 Responses to 10 with James

  1. nala7299 says:

    I will use that code, and pass it on to my sis. I’m so happy about what you’re doing. It’s so awesome. I don’t want to steal your thunder, but can I also join in on the run to end poverty. I hadn’t decided on a cause, but I read more about it, and I would like to do more than just donate to your run…not to negate how great it is what you and others in this organization are doing in any way. no, it will not end poverty, but it is still very very important to do what we can.

  2. nala7299 says:

    oh, nala7299..i just realized you might not know who this is…it’s leanna.

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