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picking up slack

I went for a morning run in the beautiful sunshine. It was a bit over six kilometers. I wore my gps thinger and the heart rate monitor to see how I would measure up as compared to when I was … Continue reading

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back in the saddle

After a month without blogging, I declare that I am back. It took an absurdly long time for my knee to fully recover from the abuse it suffered this past summer. I have pretty much been a super lazy ass … Continue reading

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am I still running?

yea, sort of… After the run to end poverty had its climactic conclusion, I sort of retired from the running scene for a bit. My knee was not fully recovered when I began the race and it was way less … Continue reading

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It seems spring has sprung in Vancouver. A run in the sun this morning was an obvious thing to do. On the north side of the cambie st bridge I stopped to perform some bicycle maintenance for a man who … Continue reading

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Today I tested out my heels in an orienteering race (rasing money for the Easter Seals). There were loops around three courses set up near the UBC endowment lands (PDF map). It was a total of about 6.2 km, partially … Continue reading

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Today is gorgeous! It has just gone noon and already I am loving the day. I awoke around 7:45 (of my own accord), had a relaxing shower, an apple, and then hopped on Cadenza (my bicycle). I rode 6.2 km … Continue reading

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full on

21.1 km. Mange ça Monsieur Byers. Also, a double rainbow.

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beautiful days

I love being outside. Although I think I prefer the bright sunny days, I rather enjoy the rainy ones too. Yesterday I did 13.5 km in the rain with Alice, Mark, and Lindsey (they are also participating in the Run … Continue reading

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Alone or in groups?

Just over a third of the running recorded here has been done with other people. I have rather enjoyed that. When I am running alone I tend to push myself a little harder and my goals are a bit colder. … Continue reading

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Group training

The run to end poverty began in 2007 and since then has raised over $100,000 (across 8 cities) for EWB work in Africa. The first one of 2011 happened in Kelowna one week ago. The event was organised by a … Continue reading

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