Group training

The run to end poverty began in 2007 and since then has raised over $100,000 (across 8 cities) for EWB work in Africa. The first one of 2011 happened in Kelowna one week ago. The event was organised by a UBC-Okanagan campus club called Engineers for a Better World. They have just become the newest Student Chapter Initiative within EWB. I had the pleasure of meeting several of the leaders within their group back in January. They seemed to me to be very passionate and committed. Their success organizing the run and, through it, raising $3000 is further evidence of this.

Today there was a group training run here in Vancouver organized by my good friend Alice. She and I can often be found off on reckless adventures together. Actually, I am usually the one being reckless while she is the one either being super-human or shaking her head at me or encouraging me. This photo was taken a couple of weeks ago at a show at The Biltmore. The evening was sponsored by a spray tanning salon. Alice was in charge of the masking tape.

Tiger stripes for the ladies!I ran to the meet up point for our group training session today (about 5.3 km) and took a five or ten minute break while everyone assembled. Then four of us went and did a group run around Stanley Park (13.4 km). Then I went and ate potatoes.

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