A caper for boland

My good friend Dan Boland is currently working for Engineers Without Borders in Ghana to improve rural infrastructure planning capabilities. (His blog is here.) One of my last adventures with him before he left Canada was an ascent of Yak Peak in the Coquihalla pass. It was thirteen pitches of glorious climbing followed by a harrowing hike down in the dark with scant trail markers.

Dan caught wind that I was headed to the Skaha Bluffs outside Penticton for some climbing this weekend and recommended I use this opportunity to take a couple of breaks for him.

The first required me to climb in a super hero outfit. I keep a selection of these on hand for just such events.

The second request was for me to visit the Cannery brewery in Penticton. Unfortunately, their business hours on a holiday weekend conflicted with my caped climbing schedule, so I brought the brewery to me.

I miss you Dan and I look forward to conquering some rock together!

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3 Responses to A caper for boland

  1. katherine says:

    Wow!, a superhero costume I had not yet seen. I would venture to guess that you have more superhero costumes than you do jeans. I suppose there are more occasions to be a superhero than there are to wear jeans in your life though.

  2. That climb looks awesome, that cape epic, the speedo scandalous, and that beer delicious. Well done, sir.

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