A Victorian Adventure

I had a marvelous weekend in Victoria packed with adventure.

As soon as I arrived on Friday I met up with Annelies for a scrumptious chocolate tart. They were so good I think she may have laced them with unicorn tears. (This is impressive because, as she and I have learned, tear collection is a tricky business.)

We hopped on our bicycles to rendezvous with Kristina at the lovely Cornerstone Cafe for some open mike excellence. I heard a great (read: moody) Velvet Underground cover. Unfortunately I think this means the performer is likely bearing angst similar to that which tormented Lou Reed. At least he was expressing himself musically. He only knocked over some of the stage equipment.

The next morning we trotted off to the annual Moss St Art Festival (along with 30,000 other people). I was glad to be using the sleek power of a bicycle rather than crawling around in a clumsy automobile. We co-produced some art of our own.

I added the green polka dots to bambi.

I abandoned the art extravaganza to get to my sister’s wedding in beacon hill park. Having anticipated that I would be making a few changes of clothing in public (back and forth between cycling-geek and wedding-classy) I strategically chose my best looking undies for those who would have the pleasure of watching me change. (Last time they came out was in Skaha.)

My sister, Ame, newly married and in a tree.

In what is becoming an exhausting tradition, I did not get any sleep the night of the wedding. Well, actually, I got 15 minutes of sleep on Kristina’s porch at around 8:45 am. Then we made pancakes.

Kristina’s hand lit on fire just as I was taking the photo

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3 Responses to A Victorian Adventure

  1. Alice! says:

    Ahaha… tear collection.

    Rest up, we have an awesome long weekend of adventure coming up!

  2. Kristina says:

    Such an awesome weekend! Thanks again for coming out and cavorting around with us!

  3. Tom says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend.

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