Today is gorgeous! It has just gone noon and already I am loving the day.

I awoke around 7:45 (of my own accord), had a relaxing shower, an apple, and then hopped on Cadenza (my bicycle). I rode 6.2 km to meet the Run to End Poverty gang for one of the weekly group runs organised by Alice. We had a lovely run from Jericho beach out to UBC and back (11.1 km). Alice and I then walked 2.6 km back to her place. Alice prepared a delightful breakfast of apple, alpen, chopped almonds, and cheerios. I loved it. After enjoying the tasty fuel, I rode my bike home (5.8 km). It was my own little multithon of joy.

It is super sunny today so I think I will pull out the bike stand and do a bit of brake maintenance. I am not going to put up a picture of the sunny day. You are required to step outside and see it yourself.

But before I do anything else, I had better call my mummy!

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2 Responses to multithon

  1. katfeeney says:

    sounds like a delightful day. i spent mine in a snow storm at Lake Louise! if you need any nutrition advice for pre and post exercise let me know. i would be more than happy to help you out.

  2. Alice! says:

    Yeah life!

    In my defense, the random food assortment was due to my lack of groceries. You forgot to mention that!

    Awesome way to start my day, though :)

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