It seems spring has sprung in Vancouver.

A run in the sun this morning was an obvious thing to do. On the north side of the cambie st bridge I stopped to perform some bicycle maintenance for a man who was having some trouble with his drive train. That felt good.

I also saw a woman walking along the seawall who quite evidently bought her canucks paraphernalia at a time with less sunshine. She was wearing a sweater, a jersey, and scarf emblazoned with the team logo – on a gorgeous sunny day. I imagine she was sweating uncontrollably in her attempt to support her favourite hockey team. Apparently that was not enough…

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3 Responses to sproing

  1. Kristina Lidstone says:

    So cool to randomly help with bikes! Reminds me of you fixing up the bike outside your place all ninja style. Going around the city doing night-time ninja bike repairs would probably be the coolest thing ever.

    • kaan says:

      We can start a covert posse when you return to Vancouver! We will need masks and capes.

      • Kristina Lidstone says:

        I’ll start designing my costume immediately. Luckily I am already in possession of a cycling-friendly skirt with bikes pictured on it.

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