nacho cheese

What do you call stolen cheddar?

Yesterday was wicked awesome.  Shannon (inspirer of the “take a break” campaign) was the architect of a colossal nacho feast. But I am getting ahead of myself…

Tess is back in town unexpectedly. In the early morning we had a lovely breakfast on campus with Alice (of “spartan race” fame). At lunch we met up with Len for a picnic. He regaled us with tales from his recent self-propelled trip to Mt Baker (bicycle there, then ski up).

Last week Shannon had proposed a nacho extravaganza and sauna evening. Yesterday she arrived with all the trappings mid-evening and the culinary adventure began. Triple layered quepasa, two cheeses, olives, beans, corn, and more. Brian enlightened us with the entrancing joke at the start of this blog post. Justine, Sarah MP and Theo (not my brother) came by and we feasted. Once consumption capacity was reached we kerplunked ourselves downstairs in the sauna and hot tub.

It was a grand day.

i wrote that ealiertr

tress says laso i nee d to write that i ran today. it was 5 km of ulitmate and it wa my turn to fll the cooler of beers. only one game. we did better than the canukcs.


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2 Responses to nacho cheese

  1. Rafferty says:

    I was momentarily confused after reading the punchline before the joke question. But overcoming that confusion made the lol all the more satisfying.

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