Race day: A job half done…

I finished the course in 1:39:19. I am still alive.

With respect to running 1 km for each $1 donated, I have now crossed the 50% mark. I think it is rather poetic to be half done at race day. I am going to halt the running for at least a week before I resume working off those kilometres.

I am aching. My knees are screaming at me. My agenda now is as follows: drink a beer, take cold bath, have some scotch, melt in the hot sauna, and then go out for dinner chez Mike and Sarah.


Mad props to Leanna for running the course with the flu!!?? Holy Shit. Now THAT is tuff.

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2 Responses to Race day: A job half done…

  1. Leanna says:

    knees. take care of them, crazy nutbar! very proud of the amazing job you did out there. hats off to you, speedy gonzales:)

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