back in the saddle

After a month without blogging, I declare that I am back.

It took an absurdly long time for my knee to fully recover from the abuse it suffered this past summer. I have pretty much been a super lazy ass – using the knee as my excuse. I have gone on a couple of short runs recently that did not make me hate life, so I declare that I am back on the running train too.

The most suitable way I can think of to get (back) into anything is to make a splash. This is awfully congruent with a special request made by someone who donated to my Run to End Poverty campaign. Meghan can often be found causing a ruckus around Kamloops. You can pretty much track her movements in real-time on twitter: sometimes lending hope, sometimes crushing itsometimes randy, sometimes rational, guaranteed exciting. This one is for you Meghan.

Now I think I will have a grilled cheese sandwich.

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