we be jammin’

I have been a bit unwell the last few days. This has given me plenty of time for reading and other indoor activities that don’t take me too far from bed.

Yesterday I made one jar of jam. It was super simple and inspired by a post on my favourite food blog. I used raspberries I had purchased from the UBC farm and chia seeds I had in the cupboard here at home. I blended up the raspberries and added one heaping table-spoon of chia seeds. Then it went into the fridge overnight. The chia causes the juice to gelatinize. Today I ate it on toast with peanut butter.

In my down time I read an article in the October ’81 National Geographic my mum recently gave me. That issue highlights the recent (at publication) first space shuttle launch, STS-1,  and the associated rebirth of manned space flight. I was wowed by one particular stat. The mission commander, John Young (who I wrote about in a post a few days ago), did not have his heart rate go over 85 beats per minute during the launch sequence. “Holy shit” is all I can say. I think my heart rate goes over 85 out of fear my head will explode when I sneeze.

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3 Responses to we be jammin’

  1. Lise says:

    I like your jam recipe.

  2. Tess says:

    Ground Chia seeds, or whole?

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