picking up slack

I went for a morning run in the beautiful sunshine. It was a bit over six kilometers. I wore my gps thinger and the heart rate monitor to see how I would measure up as compared to when I was running frequently.

I manged to complete the run in pretty much bang on 30 minutes. At the suggestion of my physiotherapist I stopped after the first 1.5 km for a stretch session (about 3 minutes) which, when deducted, suggests a pace of 4:30 per km. That is not too far where I left off but the difference is that I was totally bagged. A quick data download from my wired life showed my heart rate over 180 bpm on several occasions. I guess sitting on your ass takes its toll.

Here is a shot of the beautiful morning I had the pleasure of being in.


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1 Response to picking up slack

  1. Kat says:

    My average pace is 5:30/km and sometimes my heart rate is over 180…eek. I haven’t been sitting on my ass, I’ve been running.

    I’m going to regret not being anonymous here.

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