As forecasted, I have now begun a worm composting bin.

I started with an inexpensive bin from the hardware store and drilled some ventilation holes in it.

drill baby, drill!

I added some worthless pulp I found on the sidewalk to act as worm bedding.

value added

I threw in a few food scraps and a bit of soil.

The new town of Vermhaven is ready for occupation.

Now the only thing keeping me from being a vermiculturalist are the verms.

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3 Responses to culturalist

  1. Powell River Doug says:

    Seems to me that your ventilation holes, from the pictures, anyway, are about 4″ higher than the scraps/soil/paper. But, then again, you’re an engineer and I’m sure you’ve thought about that. Toss the flip-flops in too, btw: I’m sure they’d LOVE them.

  2. Smithe St. Doug says:

    You know, of course, that if you’re a farmer you’re farmin’, so if you’re a vermer you’re vermin’ and that means….rats, of course.

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