dr no

a report about Dr. No done by me

I watched the first James Bond film. It is called “Dr. No”. That is also the name of the main baddie. He is not a doctor who helps people. He is a good scientist that does bad things to people and has metal hands. He wants to crash a Mercury-Atlas orbital launch.

Dr. No has some people kill Mr. Strangways before he can use the radio. This makes James Bond sad at Dr. No so they can’t be friends.

James bond has three best friends. Sylvia Trench plays cards with James Bond and then they play golf naked. Miss Taro tries to delay James Bond by pretending to be his friend. She hides James Bond in her bed until baddies can come but James Bond is too fast. He knows she is actually a baddie but wants to hide with her for a while. Then he meets his next friend, Honey Ryder. She looks really good in her white bikini because it has a utility belt and a knife.

James Bond has some other friends that aren’t girls but they aren’t best friends like he is with the girls. One is named Quarrel. First he is bad, then he is good, then he is dead because he got too close to the fire end of a dragon machine.

dragon from dr no

dragon machine

James Bond has another friend named Felix Leiter. He is a good friend and is in the CIA. He saves James Bond and Honey Ryder when they run out of gas after killing Dr. No in the boiling nuclear water. Also NASA does the Mercury-Atlas launch on time. I don’t know if it was John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, or Wally Schirra who got saved because the movie is only in 1962 but doesn’t say a month. I think that is a real weak part of the movie.

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  1. Smithe St. Doug says:

    “Bondage”? What Grade 3-er has a “bondage” link in his/her posts? Anyway, keep it up – you’re a cinch to make it into Grade 4 next year. And you can look back someday and tell your kids “…yes, I remember…Grade 3 – the four best years of my life…”

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