a report about Thunderball done by me

I watched the fourth James Bond film. It is called “Thunderball”. Because James Bond didn’t get to kill Number One in From Russia With Love, Number One gets new Number friends and decides on some new problems to make. Number One changes some things from before and also doesn’t change some other things from before.

Here are some changes made by Number One.

  • No more use of odd numbers for the Number friends. I could tell this was changed because I saw Number Two and Number Six and Number Seven and Number Eight and Number Nine and Number Eleven and many of those are not odd numbers so it unlikely to be a simple clerical error.
  • Number One has forgiven James Bond for killing Doctor No and foiling the fancy typewriter plot. I could tell this because Number Two does some hanging out with James Bond and could just kill James Bond with a gun in James Bond’s head, breast, chest, neck, or face but Number Two doesn’t do that even though Number Two could have with no problem. If this was what Number One wanted and Number Two failed to act then Number One would have had a different Number friend use a poison boot knife to kill Number Two in seven seconds. That is how I know.

Here are some changes not made by Number One.

  • Number One does bad team building exercises. I could tell this because when Number One is talking to all the Number friends Number One is sitting at a desk on a stage with a garage door partially open but the stuck door doesn’t even prevent Number One from talking talking talking talking even though the Number friends can barely see Number One. I bet Number One had the garage door repair man killed for taking too long but now the door is stuck but Number One has no one to fix it and Number One is too ignoring it to realise that one solution is to move to a different chair. And I bet the team of Number friends could think of other solutions too.
  • Number One still uses an authoritarian leadership style based on a fear model. I could tell this because Number One electrochairs Number Nine and then disappears Number Nine into a floor hole. This leadership style probably contributes to a lack of cooperative brainstorming about the stuck garage door.

James Bond swims so much looking for atomic bombs and then James Bond finds them. I got bored of all the swimming. I learned from the film The Matrix that you need cool music quick scene cuts for slow motion fighting to be exciting. If Thunderball was made into two parts where one part was out of water and one part was in water I would only watch the out of water part. I would probably not understand some of the plot but at least then I wouldn’t have watched the underwater part. The underwater part was booooooooorrrriiiinng. The best part was when James Bond escapes from the crashing boat using a sky hook just like Batman.

drawing all the boring parts is easy. this is all of them.

drawing all the boring parts is easy. this is all of them.

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1 Response to thunderball

  1. Nelson Doug says:

    No even numbered friends? So has No. 7 been reassigned, from odd to prime?

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