from russia with love

a report about From Russia With Love done by me

I watched the second James Bond film. It is called “From Russia With Love”. At the start James Bond is with his best friend the golfer Silvia Trench who he met in 1962. Even though now it is 1963 she is still around and they are having a picnic. But then James Bond hears his pager dinging so he uses his car phone to call the head office. For a mission tool James Bond gets a tear gas exploding suitcase from his friend Q. James Bond goes to Istanbul and drives around with Ali Kerim Bey until they get to a Gypsy camp. Then James Bond gets to be best friends with two gypsies at the same time named Vida and Zora who were fighting each other and then afterward don’t fight each other anymore. When James Bond gets back from gypsy town Tatiana Romanova wants to be best friends so they can steal a typewriter together.

Even though Dr. No died from boiling a year ago, his baddie friends are still angry at James Bond. Five people are the most angry. They are a team of baddies and only one of them doesn’t die for being mean.

  • One person is Kronsteen and he is a good chess player so everyone thinks he will be awesome and do the best schemes. He is called “number five” by his teammates. He was wrong about his schemes so he gets a poison boot knife in him and dies in seven seconds. Kronsteen’s schemes were the best though because the next idea after killing Kronsteen is to attack James Bond using a helicopter armed only with grenades. That is a stupid idea so the helicopter dies by a dropped grenade.
  • One person on the team does lots of talking but the camera always forgets to point at his face just like happens to Doctor Claw on Inspector Gadget. He is the only one that lives. He is called “number one” by his teammates. He rarely deviates from a purely authoritarian leadership style based on a fear model. If the internal mortality rate were not so high I think this would lead to a lack of cohesion in the team over the long run.
  • One person is Rosa Klebb and she is the only lady on the team. She is called “number three” by her teammates. She used to work for the Russian team but she quit that team and now she is on this team. She uses lies to trick Tatiana Romanova into joining the baddies team for a while but eventually Tatiana Romanova kills Rosa Klebb by a shooting.
  • One person is Morzeny and he is very very mean. He does the poison boot knife stabbing on Kronsteen for using bad schemes and then tries to shoot James Bond when they are in boats so James Bond lights Morzeny on fire.
  • One person is Red Grant but he pretends to be Agent Nash from Station Y for a disguise and calls james Bond the name Old Man. I think that is weird. Red Grant wants to keep James Bond alive long enough for James Bond to steal the fancy typewriter with Tatiana Romanova. After that Red Grant wants to kill James Bond and take the typewriter but Red Grant doesn’t like to breathe tear gas so James Bond kills him in the neck with a string.
number one uses an affiliative leadership style with his cat

number one uses an affiliative leadership style with his cat

The bad team uses code names for some of their evildoers that only involve odd numbers. At first when I saw Kronsteen and Rosa Klebb I thought they were using only prime numbers but then I saw number one and number one is not a prime number. Also it’s not prime numbers because there was no number two but I thought maybe they just skipped that because it would be a crappy name.

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