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“I love candy so much.”

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a new home

Sara and I moved out of the Super 8 for a while. We packed some bags and made for the islands.

Early Friday we were on a shuttle with Sam, Rosie, Jeff, Kristina, and Pete. The sea captain, Scott, took us, our gear, and a collection of kayaks from Tahsis to Rosa island on the west side of Nootka island.




We found a good looking bit of beach front to occupy and moved right in.


We settled in nicely. The new kitchen is looking good.


The bedrooms are nicely situated.


And the living room has lots of space for activities.


The backyard is particularly stunning.


The garden strawberries are coming along nicely.


Lots of exploring to be done.


And sea creatures to find.


But I particularly like the purple flowers.


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living on the edge

I recall playing a wonderful yard game as a small child: lawn darts. They got banned for sale in the US and Canada when I was still wee, so unless you bought them before the ban, they are not easy to get. Ebay will pull an auction for them. Second hand shops destroy and dumpster them. The only shot is a flea market, yard sale, or connection with someone who has an old set in the garage.

I have been searching for some time.

I recently got a hot tip from Colleen and managed to buy enough “replacement parts” from a UK company, shipped in separate parcels, and then assembled illicitly on Canadian soil to produce this:




Who’s up for a match?



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I finally got back photos for the three rolls of film I brought back from Hunncity a few weeks ago.

What bizarre anachronistic hardware this is.



Most of the film was damaged, it turns out, and the photos were mostly garbage as a result. There were a few prize winners though.

I like this one a bit.



But this one is solid gold.


Looking sharp bro.


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On the drive home from the Stein Dave and I decided to explore the old Alexandra bridge. It was built in 1926 as part of the Fraser Canyon Highway and was removed from service in 1964 when the Trans Canada Highway was built. It is a really fun bridge from which to look down at the river through the gaps in the deck plating.



The bridge is at the west end of a traverse I am keen to sort out with someone who is willing undertake a walk here from Zopikos Ridge in the Coquihalla. It should be about 50-70 km of alpine and subalpine hiking and light mountaineering.

And a lot of gnar.


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Sunday night, after the weekend crew had started their journey back to Vancouver, Dave, Thomas, and I began a separate journey exploring a part of the Stein none of us had previously explored. We wound our way up a lovely trail through the woods with all the majesty one might hope for from a forest walk.


The grade was enough to warrant plentiful breaks which, in turn, afforded great opportunities for parables and rants.



We switch-backed onward into the hills, gaining 650 m over 6.5 km.


We eventually plateaued in a wonderful space with uncounted wonders and under-experienced beauty.




We quickly discovered an amazing array of curiosities, some of which were bewildering and some of which led us to question the bringing of a tent.




After a time Dave reappeared and lets us know there is a sight we really need to check out for ourselves. Words don’t quite cut it.


We definitely don’t need the tent tonight.




Inside it has two wood stoves and sleeping space for four full sized humans, one medium sized human, and one small sized human.



It was to be a comfy night. But first we had to deal with a few days of sweat and chafe. Fortunately there is a beach nearby.

wpid-img_20140622_193953.jpgUnfortunately the water is colder than a bastard. I was pretty sure I wanted to go all the way in regardless and Dave wanted to go in waist deep. By the time I had given my undercarriage some glacial-melt attention the degree of cold was causing an exhilaration that did not require perpetuation through greater submersion so I escaped after about belly button depth. Dave lost some footing and fell — almost all the way in — but caught himself mid chest. The real trooper was Thomas who decided to have an “ice bath”. Maniac.


I put on more wool and found other ways to warm up. This is officially a photo of some other place with a delightful fire for warming up Sunday night. Officially not inside the a park. Officially I found this photo on a google image search.


Delighted and refreshed we were a bit bouncy in the morning during the hike out.




When we returned to the car I thought my hiking shorts smelled pretty rank, but as desperate as I may have been to move out of them, a new tenant had already moved in. I’m not entirely sure how long we cohabited, but it seems to have been a friendly enough sharing of my shorts.



If you want to know more about where this cabin is or how to find it, drop me a line and I’m happy to point you at a map!





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making some introductions

This weekend started with what is, for me, always been a great omen: a view of the Thompson / Fraser confluence.


It generally means a view of this follows shortly after.


This trip up the Stein valley had a delightful compliment of folks for whom it was their first time enjoying this space. Once I realized this it was wonderful watching them take it in for the first time.


I also never seem to tire of it. It has a lotta beauty.



We explored the petroglyphs and then Sara and Tess decided to reenact some of the positions described.


The piece that, no doubt, inspired the park logo was found among the images.


Miki and I found an access way to maximum gnar, but James had other designs.



Miki, having overcome the requisite trials, assumed control of the prized sunning rock.


I got lost alternately in the sky, the ants, and the water.





Others enjoyed the space more actively.




Because the valley runs east-west, the sun sets behind one peak and then returns from behind others making for a perpetual and occasionally repeating sunset. I caught one of the earlier ones, about 6:30 pm, but the last didn’t happen until after 9 pm.


The next day Thomas joined us for the hike out and then those without Monday work commitments prepared for a second night of adventure.





I expect to visit this valley bottom again this summer. It is energizing.

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A theory that fits the facts

I think flies lay eggs in the bulbs at the factory

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I am in Kamloops helping lay some new flooring at Instinct Adornment / Arwen’s Apparel. I now have sore knees.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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one thousand awesomes

Tonight I had the pleasure of hanging out with my good friend Carson.

One of the few consistencies in my life is that this man has new and unforeseeable learnings for me each time we meet. Today’s lesson was spectacular: bubbles are a thing a ninja can hold using awesome science.


After some training I gave it a try too. It was pretty easy once Carson shared the techniques.


I am so pumped that I get trained on stuff like this.


I also got taught a secret passage, but obviously I wouldn’t show photos of that. Just know it is awesome and be super jealous and know that gnarlies could suddenly appear from it.

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