Alone or in groups?

Just over a third of the running recorded here has been done with other people. I have rather enjoyed that.

When I am running alone I tend to push myself a little harder and my goals are a bit colder. If I am just “running” with no substantial goal other than knocking off some distance (a necessity due to Sean’s “philanthropy”) then I tend to just keep running. A 10 km run can easily become 12 km or more. If I set a pace goal then I can end up with a sky-high heart rate. Each of these may be good in terms of periodically stressing my body so the limits of what it can reasonably do improve, but it is nice to mix it up a bit.

Running with other people tends to be more relaxed and has a pleasing social aspect. The group moves at a speed that is comfortable for everyone. Most people have not made the same absurd commitments I have and so they are neither interested in pushing their pace nor cranking out the kilometers. It is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with friends!

Today I did 8.1 km with Florin, James, and Tess. I forgot to take a picture so I built one.

*participants may not be exactly as shown…

Having done just over 55 km in the past six days, I am looking forward to taking a break tomorrow!

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