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out of the silent deep

I have not posted in a while. Much has been going on. Some perhaps worth writing about. Some perhaps not. This latest turn is too big not to remind people of the omnipresent danger of godless killing machines in the sea. … Continue reading

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Regulus and the occult

Friends living between Toronto and Ontario: Thursday morning is a gnarly opportunity to be part of the first ever crowd sourced astrometric observation experiment! This is so cool. From the planetary society: Just after 2:06 am on Thursday EDT, March … Continue reading

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I learned my age while I was in Toronto. While riding in a taxi with Sean and Jess, we were discussing the recoloured decrepitude that comes with extreme old age. I commented that I had, heretofore, seemingly managed to not … Continue reading

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It seems that, lately, anytime I go on a bike ride longer than about 15 minutes I go through pretty much the same emotional highs that then get deconstructed through rationalization. It basically goes like this. That person I just … Continue reading

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synergetic ideation

As a citizens of a bilingo country, all Canadians are expected to be able to insert jargon or slang from more than one discipline or culture into casual conversation. The trick is finding the right combination of lingo to throw … Continue reading

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I really wanted to discover this was a hoax…

To quote the opening paragraph:   The National Energy Board and Department of Fisheries and Oceans have entered into a Memorandum Of Understanding regarding fish and fish habitat. Through this Memorandum Of Understanding, the National Energy Board will now be responsible … Continue reading

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afternoon wisdom

I think clocks would be more efficient if they only spent electricity moving the hands uphill, from 6 to 12, and then charged their batteries going back downhill again from 12 to 6 using regenerative braking just like in that … Continue reading

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