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What an amazing place to exist. This morning on my (6.2 km) run I experienced a litany of contradictory weather. Dark storm clouds but blinding sunshine. Wet roads but no puddles. Strong winds but no gusts. Thunder and lightning but … Continue reading

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100 km for Sean

On April 1st, I did not expect I to run 100 km for Sean over only 12 days. It is now done. It took me about 8.5 hours split over 10 days of running. This means he paid me about … Continue reading

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beautiful days

I love being outside. Although I think I prefer the bright sunny days, I rather enjoy the rainy ones too. Yesterday I did 13.5 km in the rain with Alice, Mark, and Lindsey (they are also participating in the Run … Continue reading

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takin’ a break

Today I did not run. I awoke in Chilliwack after Lornes birthday fully loving my day of “rest.” I cruised back into metro van with Scooter in time for a 2 pm rendezvous at the climbing gym with Shannon. She … Continue reading

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Alone or in groups?

Just over a third of the running recorded here has been done with other people. I have rather enjoyed that. When I am running alone I tend to push myself a little harder and my goals are a bit colder. … Continue reading

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I have been using this gps thinger for a while now. I think it is time to look at some data. Yesterday I did 5.9 km. I tried to hold a steady pace all the way through. My average pace … Continue reading

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Some people run with headphones. I have considered it and chosen not to. I imagine listening to music while running can both help regulate your pace and maybe help you lose yourself in the moment, making the moment have a … Continue reading

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