Taking a break


I have been approached by several people who would like to support me but are reluctant to have me run for them. It seems they would rather have me rest for them. I am trying hard not to interpret this a disbelief in my abilities.

My mum‘s approach was an offer to buy me new running shoes when my current ones wear out (an offer I accepted). It occurred to me that some of the other people could take a similar approach and pay some of my other fixed expenses like race registration. I have decided against that.

This event is about raising money and awareness for the work being done by EWB in Malawi, not subsidizing my personal habits. I don’t expect to be able to stop my mummy as she has always made her own rules anyway. Everyone else who would like to support me and does not want me to run for them: I have created an alternate donation page for you.

In exchange for donations made here I commit to doing whatever I damn well please. Maybe I will walk one km per dollar. Or bike one km. Or eat one chimichanga. Or play one hour of road hockey. Or one hour of nintendo. Or swim naked in the ocean. I invite you to make a demand as to what I should do in exchange for your pledge (use the comments section below). Once you have donated though I may ignore your demand in favour of something less demanding.



21 Responses to Taking a break

  1. Shannon Coates says:

    Dear Kaan –

    My reluctance to make you run for me stems more from my strong belief in the benefits of cross-training rather than any doubt in your abilities. (There is also some small concern for the continued integrity of your kidneys, I will admit.)

    Thus, for the $15 I just donated, I encourage you to climb 10 routes at the gym, and drink 5 beers afterwards. (Not THAT much concern for your kidneys.)


  2. Alvaro Lamontagne says:

    With my 25$ donated you have to show up to my Toga B-day Party on the 16th and recite a speech from Julius Caesar

  3. Erin Gunoff says:

    I will require that instead of you running the kilometers, you take a break and come and ride a horse at my ranch.

  4. Gail says:

    For my take-a-break donation, I politely request that you garb in any of your many costumes, attend one of the stone lions at the south end of the Lions Gate Bridge, and play 22 bars from any song with any instrument (“voice” not defined as an instrument for this purpose, although singing along with the instrument is allowed, particularly if you need to drown out the sound the instrument is making.)

  5. Dan says:

    Kaan –

    I’m breaking the bank on this one, but for this good cause, it’s worth it!!

    I think relaxation is really important. It makes you feel free, alive, like you’re flying, almost. The closest I can imagine to actually flying would be climbing something awesome, in a cape (how is this more like flying than jumping out of a plane, you ask? You’re going UP, obviously). Ideally (but not necessarily) with a speedo and a bandito-style face covering. This way I can live vicariously through you, both as a rock-climber, and a super-hero.

  6. Dan says:

    That’s for the one dollar. For the penny, go celebrate at the Cannery by drinking a can of Anarchist Amber Ale. Mmm.

  7. Tom Curran says:


    For my donation of $25, I would like to see you do some cross training by riding your bike somewhere in the Lower Mainland and eating something delicious. The more interesting the food, the better. Distance is not overly important.

    Good luck with your training,

  8. Tess says:

    Include some sweating in the sauna sometime during your day, for 7 days in a row.


  9. Kristina says:

    My donation is to get you doing anything fun… with me! And I’m in Victoria all summer so…….. My knees won’t let me run with you, so I had to donate here.

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