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how to do trial and error

It is driver license renewal season again. That means I once again have great power to craft a visage that will be the first impression for authority figures who want to make arguments with me. As spiderman’s uncle once said, “With … Continue reading

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Let our powers combine

I think we are at an historic crossroads in the history of political shitstorms in Canada. There is a beautiful opportunity here to combine forces and form a super storm. I think Harper should appoint Rob Ford as Senator responsible … Continue reading

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a big win

Tonight I was granted the obligation to have my face painted in any way I chose. I asked for a visage that would be sure to convey casual indifference. This was my prize.

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dinognarus ostiology

I am pretty sure this is the skull of a baby pterodactyl. The jaw hinge point is on the bottom left and the beak break point is clearly visible on the left-most edge. Too bad that it is broken off. … Continue reading

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“the people have spoken”

  The contest has closed and results are in. Thanks to everyone who help me split the odds and and peel across the finish in style. After such an exhausting race I think I will stay in bread until sundae. … Continue reading

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A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… I was doing a fundraiser in support of the Water and Sanitation work underway by Engineers Without Borders in Malawi. As part of that, I committed to running a kilometer … Continue reading

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Back in December, when we had our last lunar eclipse, I went off on a rant about the phrase “dark side of the moon.” I pointed out the absurdity of this phrase given that the same side of the moon … Continue reading

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