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so damn old

Tiberius survived his Guatemalan internment. We ate cake and talked about Narnia tattoos. We ordered pictures of beer but the server kept getting it wrong. Advertisements

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Aryan history

Eleven months ago I started a fundraising campaign for a charity race I participated in eight months ago. I boasted I would run a kilometer for every dollar donated. It seems I am still running off the commitments I made … Continue reading

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Today while I was out someone enetered my office and left me four gorgeous carrots. Two went in my tummy before I thought to take a photo. The other two have since joined them. To my mystery benefactor: whoever you … Continue reading

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am I still running?

yea, sort of… After the run to end poverty had its climactic conclusion, I sort of retired from the running scene for a bit. My knee was not fully recovered when I began the race and it was way less … Continue reading

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try SCE to ‘Aux’

Friday I will be in Florida. I have long been a keen learner of all things related to human spaceflight. No technological accomplishments in my lifetime have been more spectacular to me than the 134 NASA Space Shuttle launches and … Continue reading

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nacho cheese

What do you call stolen cheddar? Yesterday was wicked awesome.  Shannon (inspirer of the “take a break” campaign) was the architect of a colossal nacho feast. But I am getting ahead of myself… Tess is back in town unexpectedly. In … Continue reading

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Miss Sarah

I miss Sarah but I am excited about the european adventure she is on. I first met Sarah at the Gallery Pub at UBC during the weekly open mic nights as mentioned previously. She has a fabulous singing voice and … Continue reading

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